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The Tastebudz Seeds collection of autoflower feminized seeds, try our 4 latest cannabis strains with the new auto flower seed pack.

Searching for high yield autoflower seeds UK? Look no further than this autoflowering cannabis seeds collection for some of the very best auto flower seeds.

We offer a diverse range of auto flower seeds, each one meticulously selected for its unique characteristics.

Our collection of auto flower seeds for sale are sure to pique your curiosity and inspire your seed collecting adventure.

Searching for the quickest autoflowering seeds UK?

Our 45 day autoflower seeds are the quickest way to observe the fascinating life cycle of these plants.

At Tastebudz Genetics, we understand the anticipation of starting your auto flowering seeds collection. That’s why we offer the option for autoflower seeds UK next day delivery.

We believe everyone should have the chance to explore the wonder of auto flower weed seeds. To bring this belief to life, we’re thrilled to offer free autoflower seeds UK with qualifying purchases.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or new to the world of autoflowering feminized seeds, Tastebudz Genetics is here to support your journey. Explore our collection today and ignite your passion for auto flower cannabis seeds.

What are photoperiod seeds?

Photoperiod seeds are a type of cannabis seed that’s sensitive to changes in the
ratio of light and dark periods within a 24-hour cycle. This sensitivity impacts the
plant’s stages of development.

Autoflower vs Photoperiod
Unlike autoflowering seeds, which automatically transition to their flowering
stage based on age, photoperiod seeds require specific light conditions to initiate
this change. Please note that all Tastebudz Seeds are sold as souvenirs only in
alignment with UK law.

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