Tastebudz Seeds Auto Mix 2 – Experience our 4 Latest cannabis Strains!


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Looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to try out some new and exciting strains of autoflowering cannabis? Then look no further than Tastebudz seeds Auto Mix 2 !

We’ve carefully curated a diverse selection of our latest and most flavorful strains, each individually labelled in glass vials for easy identification. With 3 seeds of each strain included in the pack, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to experiment and find your new favorite strain.

Tastebudz seeds Auto Mix 2 includes Moonberry Pie Auto, a deliciously fruity strain with a potent and relaxing high. Pink Apple Soda Auto is another unique and flavorful strain, with a sweet and tangy aroma and a euphoric, uplifting effect.

Sticky Mango Auto is a particularly resinous and aromatic strain with a strong physical high that is perfect for relaxation and pain relief. Finally, Yuzu Sour Auto is a zesty and refreshing strain with a citrusy aroma and uplifting, energizing effects.

All of our high-quality cannabis seeds are feminized and autoflowering, making them a great choice for both novice and experienced cultivators alike. Treat yourself to Tastebudz seeds Auto Mix 2 today and experience the very best in autoflowering cannabis genetics!

What’s in the Tastebudz Auto Mix 2 pack?

3 x Moonberry Pie Auto Feminised seeds

3 x Yuzu Sour Auto Feminised seeds

3 x Pink Apple Soda Auto Feminised seeds

3 x Sticky Mango Auto Feminised seeds

Please note that Tastebudz seeds Auto Mix 2 are sold as souvenirs only in accordance with U.K laws

Tastebudz seeds Auto Mix 2 is available from Seedbanks worldwide – Click here to find a distributor near you!

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