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Tastebudz Seeds Grow Diaries is a unique trusted online cannabis community platform designed for detailing cultivation methods and techniques, where cultivation is legally permitted. Grow Diaries combines useful tools for journaling your cannabis grow along with an online space for a loyal community of like-minded cannabis growers and enthusiasts from all around the world to share their experience and knowledge.

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By signing up for a Grow Diaries account you can start your own cannabis grow journal, enter exclusive competitions to win big prizes and trophies, leave comments, and interact with other cannabis growers and enthusiasts. You can also use your account to contact Tastebudz Genetics directly by sending us a message on our official Tastebuds Seeds Grow Diaries page, we aim to reply within 48 hours Please take into consideration we are based in the United Kingdom so there may be a time difference depending on where you are located. You can view in depth cannabis grow journals for all Tastebudz Genetics Auto Flower Strains and Photoperiod Feminized Seeds on the Tastebudz Seeds Grow Diaries page. This includes useful comments and tips from other cannabis growers and enthusiasts about specific cannabis strains, detailed set up information including equipment specs from experienced legal cultivators worldwide A great place to learn and get helpful advice and suggestions as well as sharing your own experience and tips with other cannabis growing enthusiasts.

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If you are already signed up for an account with Grow Diaries, then please follow our Breeder page and feel free to leave us a comment or review on our Official Tastebudz seeds grow diaries page - we love to hear your feedback and track your Tastebudz journey !

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Tastebudz seeds are sold as collectable souvenirs only in accordance with U.K laws. Please do not contact us regarding anything relating to cultivation or cannabis growing. You can contact us directly for other enquires here.

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