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🍬 Tastebudz Bubble Runtz Strain (AUTO) : Sweet Sensation Unleashed!🍭

Dive into the Tastebudz Bubble Runtz Auto Strain – a sublime blend of Gelato, Zkittlez, and Bubblegum. Revel in the uplifting power of its 22% THC, all within the convenience of auto flowering feminized seeds. Order now and remain compliant with cannabis seeds UK laws.

Tastebudz Bubble Runtz Strain: Autoflowering Seeds
Genetic Lineage: Runtz (Gelato Strain x Zkittlez Strain) x Classic Bubblegum Strain

🍬 Relish the Richness: The Bubble Runtz strain, expertly crafted by Tastebudz Genetics, combines the iconic Runtz strain – a harmonious blend of the Gelato strain and Zkittlez strain – with the timeless Bubblegum strain from Holland. Each puff transports you to a sugary paradise, reflecting the vibrancy of its parent strains.

🌼 Quick and Quality Growth: This medium-tall hybrid strain, perfect for those seeking quick turnarounds, boasts compact buds dripping in resin. With an autoflowering cycle, expect bountiful indoor yields of 600-800 g/m^2. Outdoor growers can anticipate a lavish 1500 g/plant yield.

🌟 Euphoric Elevation: The Bubble Runtz doesn’t just tantalise the taste budz. With a THC content reaching 22% and 80% Indica dominance, it promises moments of elation followed by deep relaxation.

🌿 A Symphony of Terpenes: The rich terpene profile comprises notes of Beta Myrcene, Limonene, Beta Caryophyllene, Linalool, Alpha Humulene, Alpha Pinene, and Terpinolene. It’s a testament to Tastebudz Genetics‘ dedication to quality within their autoflowering cannabis seeds.

πŸš€ Premium Autoflowering Seeds: With Bubble Runtz, you’re choosing top-tier autoflowering seeds, perfectly blending heritage and innovation. Checkout our Bubble Runtz Strain Photoperiod Seeds here.

πŸ’¨ Compliance First: Aligning with cannabis seeds UK laws, Tastebudz ensures the Bubble Runtz strain is sold as a souvenir. Each seed showcases the unparalleled expertise of Tastebudz Genetics. Plus, enjoy free cannabis seeds with every order!

🌍 Join the Global Trend: Tastebudz Genetics’ Bubble Runtz autoflower seeds are sparking interest worldwide. Enhance your collection with this global sensation.


Step into the luxurious realm of Tastebudz Bubble Runtz Strain Autoflowering Seeds. Marrying the legendary Runtz (comprising Gelato and Zkittlez) with Holland’s beloved Bubblegum, this strain emerges as a pinnacle of hybrid strain development. Its stature conceals its robust potential, yielding buds radiant with resin and potency.

Flavour & Aroma Of Bubble Runtz Strain:

Embark on a sweet and fruity journey. The Bubble Runtz strain offers a candy-like taste enriched by its Runtz heritage, rounded off with the familiar undertones of Bubblegum, promising an aroma and flavour that beckons time and again.

Potency & Effects Of Bubble Runtz Strain:

Prepare for a transformative experience. With a THC profile of 22% and a dominant 80% Indica composition, Bubble Runtz ensures uplifting highs swiftly transitioning to tranquil states of relaxation.

Cultivation Of Bubble Runtz Strain:

Nurturing Tastebudz Bubble Runtz Autoflowering Seeds is a gardener’s delight. Given its autoflowering nature, anticipate bountiful indoor yields of up to 600-800 g/m^2, and for the outdoors, a lavish yield of around 1500 g/plant awaits.

Legal Note:

It’s crucial to understand that Tastebudz Bubble Runtz Strain Autoflowering Seeds are presented solely as collectable souvenirs, adhering to U.K. guidelines. Each seed embodies Tastebudz Genetics‘ exemplary craftsmanship.

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