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🍇 Tastebudz Grape Gushers Auto: A Delightful Blend of Flavour and Potency!💥

Dive into the world of exquisite flavours with the Tastebudz Grape Gusher strain. This strain, a perfect mix of Grapefruit and Grape Syrup (Gelato 41 strain x Grape Kush strain), offers a unique sour grape and honeyed grapefruit taste. With its discreet stature, 70% Indica dominance, and 18-20% THC level, this indica dominant strain promises a focused yet relaxed high. Ready in just 60-70 days, these seeds are sold as collectibles in line with cannabis seeds UK laws.

Tastebudz Grape Gushers Auto Strain: Autoflowering Seeds Delicacy
Genetic Heritage: Grape Gushers: Grapefruit x Grape Syrup (Gelato 41 x Grape Kush)

🍇 A Connoisseur’s Choice: Tastebudz Grape Gushers Auto is a marvel in flavour, blending the tanginess of Grapefruit with the rich sweetness of Grape Syrup (Gelato 41 x Grape Kush). This combination makes every puff a luxurious experience.

🍃 Compact, Discrete Growth: Ideal for those valuing discretion, Grape Gushers Auto is characterised by its compact size and short spacing. Its ease of growth makes it a favourite among both novice and experienced cultivators.

🌞 Relaxing Yet Focused High: Balancing 30% Sativa and 70% Indica genetics, this strain offers a cerebral buzz that keeps you focused, coupled with a soothing relaxation for the body and mind.

🍹 Complex Terpene Profile: The strain’s rich terpene blend, including Myrcene, Alpha Pinene, and Beta Caryophyllene, contributes to its distinct sour grape and honeyed grapefruit flavour, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

🏆 Top-Quality Autoflowering Seeds: Choosing the Grape Gushers strain from Tastebudz Seeds means selecting seeds that are easy to grow and promise excellent genetic quality.

🌱 Compliance and Quality: In line with UK laws, Tastebudz sells Grape Gushers Auto seeds as collectible souvenirs. Each seed is a testament to our commitment to breeding superiority and quality.

🌐 A Global Cultivar: Tastebudz Grape Gushers strain is celebrated by cannabis enthusiasts around the world. Add this exclusive strain to your collection for a taste of global excellence.

💨 Legal Considerations: Our feminized cannabis seeds comply with UK and European laws. However, it’s crucial to understand your local laws and regulations before purchasing. Buying, selling, or trading feminized cannabis seeds in the UK is legally permissible, regardless of whether seeds are obtained domestically or from other European countries. However, it is your responsibility to research and comply with local laws and regulations before placing an order.


Explore the exquisite taste of Tastebudz Grape Gushers Auto Strain. This unique blend of Grapefruit and Grape Syrup (Gelato 41 strain x Grape Kush strain) results in a plant that is not only flavourful but also offers a balanced, relaxing yet focused high.

Flavour & Aroma Of Grape Gushers Strain:

The Grape Gushers Auto strain invites you on a tantalising journey of taste, where sour grape meets honeyed grapefruit, creating an unforgettable flavour and aroma profile.

Potency & Effects Of Grape Gushers Strain:

With THC levels between 18-20%, enjoy a stimulating cerebral high that keeps you relaxed and focused, perfect for both leisure and productivity.

Cultivation Of Grape Gushers Auto Strain:

Growing Tastebudz Grape Gushers Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds is straightforward, offering impressive yields in a short 60-70 days, suitable for growers of any experience level.

Legal Note:

Please remember, Tastebudz Grape Gushers Auto Flowering Feminized Seeds are sold as collectible souvenirs in full compliance with cannabis seeds UK laws. Each seed is a showcase of Tastebudz Genetics‘ excellence in cannabis seeds.

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