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🍋 Tastebudz Gelonade Strain: Zesty Sherbet Explosion!🍧

Discover the exhilarating Gelonade strain by Tastebudz Genetics. A fusion of Sunset Sherbet strain and Thin Mint GSC strain, this hybrid strain offers an invigorating experience. Enjoy the potency of feminized seeds. Get your Gelonade photoperiod seeds and elevate your collection, always compliant with cannabis seeds UK laws.

Tastebudz Gelonade Strain: Photoperiod Seeds
Genetic Lineage: Sunset Sherbet Strain x Thin Mint GSC Strain

🌼 Genetic Blend: Dive deep into the Gelonade strainWondering what strain is Gelonade? It’s a harmonious blend of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC strain, ensuring a rich, full-flavoured profile.

🍬 Flavour Profile: Delight in a zesty fusion of flavours. Gelonade photoperiod seeds deliver a sensory explosion, echoing the sweet notes of sherbet from its Sunset Sherbet strain parentage.

🌟 Potency: Brace yourself! The Gelonade strain not only showcases its illustrious lineage but also shines with its remarkable THC levels. It encapsulates the finest of feminized cannabis seeds in the traditional photoperiod format.

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💨 Terpene Profile: Every inhalation reveals the rich ancestry of its progenitor strains, the Sunset Sherbet strain, and Thin Mint GSC strain. The Gelonade experience intensifies with each puff, underscoring Tastebudz Genetics‘ dedication to excellence.

📜 Legal Notice: In accordance with cannabis seeds UK laws, Tastebudz Gelonade Photoperiod Seeds are marketed as souvenirs. Remember, each seed is a testament to the impeccable craftsmanship of Tastebudz Genetics.

🌍 Global Availability: Our Gelonade photoperiod seeds are gaining popularity worldwide. Join the Tastebudz wave and explore our diverse collection of photoperiod feminized seeds. Locate a distributor nearby and embark on your quest with the pinnacle of cannabis seeds.


Tastebudz Gelonade Photoperiod Seeds extend an invitation to an unmatched cannabis voyage. Conceived from the revered union of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC feminized seeds, this strain assures a journey that’s both indelible and enthralling. Savour the rich essence of Gelonade, where every inhalation delivers a medley of delectable flavours and scents, guiding you on a tranquil sojourn of pleasure and euphoria.

Flavour & Aroma Of Gelonade Strain:

Venture on a sensory odyssey with Tastebudz Gelonade Photoperiod Seeds. Immerse yourself in the delightful aroma of zesty sherbet lemon enriched with tropical nuances. Each session becomes a gourmet delight, tantalising not only your taste buds but also your very soul, thanks to the distinct Gelonade strain.

Potency & Effects Of Gelonade Strain:

Succumb to the enthralling might of Tastebudz Gelonade Strain. Armed with a significant THC content, it pledges a thrilling voyage characterised by invigorating euphoria and tranquil relaxation. Embrace its potent allure, granting you the ultimate respite from the daily humdrum..

Cultivation Of Gelonade Strain:

Cultivating Tastebudz Gelonade Photoperiod Seeds heralds an unparalleled horticultural journey. With its methodical flowering period, anticipate generous yields. Indoors, gardeners can expect abundant harvests, and outdoor enthusiasts can foresee up to 550g per plant. Regardless if you’re an adept cultivator or a beginner, these photoperiod seeds are your entrance to a flourishing cannabis haven.

Legal Note:

It’s imperative to note that Tastebudz Gelonade Strain Photoperiod Seeds are retailed solely as collectible souvenirs, strictly abiding by U.K. stipulations. Value these seeds as keepsakes of your odyssey into the entrancing realm of cannabis.


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