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🍇 Tastebudz Forbidden Fruitz Auto Strain: A Symphony of Exotic Flavours! 🌴

Embark on a sensory adventure with Tastebudz Forbidden Fruitz Autoflowering Cannabis seeds. This exquisite blend of Grape Gushers and Zkittlez Auto Exotic Fruit brings you a 60% Indica dominance and a robust 25% THC content. Dive into a deep, complex, and long-lasting experience for both your body and mind. These seeds are sold as souvenirs in line with cannabis seeds UK laws, making each seed a precious collectible of unparalleled quality.

Tastebudz Forbidden Fruitz Auto Strain: Auto flowering Feminized Seeds
Genetic Brilliance: Forbidden Fruitz (Grape Gushers Strain x Zkittlez Auto Exotic Fruit)

🍇 A Fruitful Indulgence: The Forbidden Fruitz strain, a masterful creation by Tastebudz Genetics, is a luscious blend that combines the juicy richness of Grape Gushers with the unique zest of Zkittlez Auto Exotic Fruit. Each puff takes you on a journey through a garden of exotic tastes.

🍃 Bountiful Harvests Made Simple: Cultivating this Indica-rich beauty is a gardener’s delight, promising dense and trichome-laden buds. Enjoy an impressive indoor yield of up to 650 g/m^2, and for outdoor growers, a lavish 600 g/plant.

🌞 A Potent Escape: Forbidden Fruitz transcends the ordinary with its 25% THC level, weaving a complex and enduring tapestry of effects that captivate both body and mind, offering a blissful retreat from the mundane.

🍹 A Complex Terpene Profile: With a rich array of terpenes including beta caryophyllene, alpha humulene, limonene, linalool, alpha pinene, and more, this strain boasts a sour grapefruit flavour intertwined with tropical fruit candies, creating a symphony of tastes.

🏆 Premium Autoflowering Seeds: Choosing Forbidden Fruitz Auto means opting for seeds that combine top-notch genetics with easy cultivation, ideal for both beginners and experienced growers alike, looking for an indica dominant strain. part of the Tastebudz Seeds Auto Mix pack.

🌱 Quality with Conscience: In adherence to Cannabis Seeds UK laws, Tastebudz offers these seeds as collectible souvenirs only. Each seed is a symbol of commitment to excellence and genetic mastery.

🌐 A Global Delight: Forbidden Fruitz Auto Strain by Tastebudz Genetics is a sensation across continents. Add this exquisite strain to your collection and join a worldwide community of cannabis aficionados.

💨 Adherence to the Law: Buying, selling, or trading feminized cannabis seeds in the UK is legally permissible, regardless of whether seeds are obtained domestically or from other European countries. However, it is your responsibility to research and comply with local laws and regulations before placing an order.


Dive into the heart of Forbidden Fruitz with Tastebudz Auto Strain. This captivating blend marries the sweet allure of Grape Gushers with the zest of Zkittlez Auto Exotic Fruit, creating a plant that’s as potent as it is flavorful, yielding resinous buds that embody its dynamic essence.

Flavour & Aroma Of Tastebudz Seeds Forbidden Fruitz Strain:

The Forbidden Fruitz strain invites you on a tantalising flavour journey, where each inhale brings a fusion of sour grapefruit and tropical fruit candies, offering an unforgettable taste experience.

Potency & Effects Of Tastebudz Forbidden Fruitz Auto Strain:

Embrace the profound, long-lasting effects of Forbidden Fruitz. With a 25% THC concentration and an Indica-dominant genetic profile, it promises a deeply satisfying high, perfect for unwinding and relishing in relaxation.

Cultivation Of Tastebudz Forbidden Fruitz Strain:

Cultivating Tastebudz Forbidden Fruitz Autoflowering Seeds is an effortless affair. Its rapid flowering time ensures bountiful yields, ideal for cultivators of all experience levels.

Legal Note:

Please remember that Tastebudz Forbidden Fruitz Auto Strain Autoflowering Seeds are sold as collectible souvenirs, in full compliance with U.K. laws. Each seed is a masterpiece of breeding, crafted for those who appreciate the art and science of cannabis genetics.

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