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🍌 Tastebudz Critical Banana Smoothie Auto Strain: Tropical Bliss with Every Puff! 🌴

Immerse yourself in the lush vibes of the Tastebudz Critical Banana Smoothie Auto Strain – a delectable fusion of Banana Punch and Critical Genetics. Experience the serene embrace of its 70% Indica dominance, enriched with a 25% THC bounty, all in the form of auto flowering feminized seeds. Sold as souvenirs only in accordance with cannabis seeds UK laws.

Tastebudz Critical Banana Smoothie Auto Strain: Autoflowering Seeds
Genetic Lineage: Critical Banana Smoothie (Banana Punch Strain x Critical Genetics)

🏝️ A Tropical Escape: The Critical Banana Smoothie strain, cultivated with mastery by Tastebudz Genetics, is a tropical concoction that combines the sweetness of Banana Punch strain with the robust nature of Critical Genetics. Each draw is a step into an exotic retreat, mirroring the richness of its ancestral lineage.

πŸƒ Swift and Abundant Harvest: This Indica-dominant jewel, ideal for those seeking a quick and rewarding cultivation experience, features dense, trichome-rich buds. With an autoflowering period, you can look forward to generous indoor harvests of up to 550 g/m^2. Outdoor enthusiasts will be pleased with the hefty 120-200 g/plant yield.

🌞 Radiant Relaxation: Critical Banana Smoothie transcends ordinary relaxation. With a 25% THC level and a comforting 70% Indica blend, it delivers a wave of tranquillity that will transport you to serene, sun-kissed shores.

🍹 A Cocktail of Terpenes: A bouquet of 20 terpenes, including Alpha Terpineol, Linalool, and Beta Caryophyllene, infuses this strain with complex flavours reminiscent of a tropical fruit smoothie, testifying to Tastebudz Genetics‘ commitment to a flavourful and aromatic profile.

πŸ† Elite Autoflowering Seeds: Choosing Critical Banana Smoothie Auto means opting for premium autoflowering seeds that marry outstanding genetic heritage with ground-breaking cultivation ease.

🌱 Responsibility Meets Quality: Tastebudz seeds adhere to UK laws, offering the Critical Banana Smoothie strain strictly as a collectible novelty. Cherish each seed for its exceptional quality and genetic prowess. And don’t forget, enjoy complimentary seeds with every purchase!

🌐 A Global Sensation: Tastebudz Genetics’ Critical Banana Smoothie autoflower seeds are stirring excitement across continents. Expand your collection with this world-class cultivar.

πŸ’¨ Adherence to the Law: Buying, selling, or trading feminized cannabis seeds in the UK is legally permissible, regardless of whether seeds are obtained domestically or from other European countries. However, it is your responsibility to research and comply with local laws and regulations before placing an order.


Venture into the heart of a tropical haven with Tastebudz Critical Banana Smoothie Auto Strain Autoflowering Seeds. This strain is a harmonious blend of the luscious Banana Punch and the powerhouse Critical genetics, culminating in a plant that’s as fruitful as it is potent, producing resin-laden buds that encapsulate its vigorous essence.

Flavour & Aroma Of Our Critical Banana Smoothie Auto:

Set off on a journey of flavour, where each inhale brings the vibrant taste of a tropical smoothie to life. The Critical Banana Smoothie strain delivers an irresistible combination of creamy banana and sweet, tangy Pina Colada, guaranteeing a sensory experience that lingers.

Potency & Effects Of Critical Banana Smoothie:

Prepare to be enveloped in a soothing high. With a THC concentration of 25% and an Indica-leaning genetic makeup, the Critical Banana Smoothie provides an enchanting high that gracefully leads to profound relaxation and bliss.

Cultivation Of Critical Banana Smoothie Strain:

Growing Tastebudz Critical Banana Smoothie Autoflowering Seeds is a breeze. With its swift autoflowering characteristic, anticipate an impressive indoor yield up to 550 g/mΒ², and outdoors, a substantial 120-200 g/plant. Perfect for both novice and seasoned growers.

Legal Note:

Please note that Tastebudz Critical Banana Smoothie Auto Strain Autoflowering Seeds are intended strictly as collectible genetic souvenirs, in compliance with U.K. laws. Each seed is a showcase of Tastebudz Genetics‘ unparalleled dedication to excellence.

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