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Checkout some of the latest tastebudz seeds reviews from our happy customers. We are considered a top 100 seed bank with 68 Tastebudz Seeds reviews on Grow Diaries and counting!



This company rocks! It’s female owned and they support fellow female growers. They truly care about their customers and cannabis culture. Most importantly, their genetics are reliable and strong. They specialize in auto strains that are comparable in strength with the best photoperiod strains. I encourage everyone to buy seeds from them, as they do not disappoint, but if you’re a female grower you should definitely support these super ladies. It’s a man’s world (especially in the cannabis industry) and us girls need to stick together! Keep up the great work ladies!



Great genetics and excellent customer service. 👍🙏


Del_growPeanut Butter Cookies Strain

Wow! This strain amazed me. I will give a smoke report, can’t wait to smoke PBC, I hope the taste comes through because the smell is something else!

I noticed when it was growing it has that bready, wheaty smell with a fruity background. However when dried and curing, stick your nose in the jar and the smell is pure MANGOES and bread with a dark earthy tone. I don’t bullshit about smells with weed to make it seem more exotic or interesting, lots of them smell similar, and maybe don’t have very specific aromas, I’m not imagining it, this pheno of this cultivar, really smells of ripe mango, it’s gorgeous. Shame I didn’t take a cut. Anyway… ez come ez go.

Checkout our peanut butter cookies strain


Nruperti78Lemon Meringue Strain

This monster almost broke my aerogarden and that is not a bad thing. Beautiful purple fade and lemony gassy buds. Super sticky and dense. Love the taste and the energetic buzz this strain provides. Well done Tastebudz!

Checkout our lemon meringue strain


Va_SmokingOrange Cookies Strain

This was my first ever plant and omg. She took a hell of a beating and kept coming back strong as I made mistake after mistake. She makes me super chatty and happy feeling. She’s a joy lol. She is a bushy girl and will take a lot of lst or whatever you do to keep her apart.


Underground_danknessGorilla Gas Strain

A strain that will be in my collection for a while. This thing was a beast. She grew beyond expectations and finished awesome

Checkout our gorilla gas strain

Cannabeast40Vanilla Frosting Strain

100% sprout rate Very easy to grow, the structure is amazing 🤩 I recommend everyone to try out this strain 🤗



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These girls go above an beyond what is expected of a business, will only go direct to them from now on and every order has been a wonderful experience an their customer service is second to none. If I could give these ten stars I would as they have never let me down an any issues I've had have been resolved instantly. Can't ask for much more in this day and age taste budz will always have my heart an support. What are you waiting for get your taste budz popppin
Athena Martin
Athena Martin
Thank you bunches, I am looking forward to future purchases. Ty, for the Fast response to my questions..HIGHLY Recommend.. Fast shipping. Super excited!!
Ben Lester
Ben Lester
Great service and great products!
Joshua Piercefield
Joshua Piercefield
Got the seeds within 7 days from overseas. Very impressed with the packaging. Idk how they're going to grow yet, but excited. Also came with 4 extra seeds, and cool stickers. Love me some autoflowers. I really apreciate the care, and attention to detail. Thank you guys.
Danny Teal
Danny Teal
Absolutely fantastic UK based seed company who breed their genetics to the highest of standards. I’ve been a Tastebudz customer for a while now and after 25 years of being in the game I’m more than qualified to give them my highest praise and recommendation. Great stable strains, both feminised and auto flower, lead to strong healthy genetics in growth, I’ve never had any problems with their genetics at all, in fact they always lead to outstanding results. Ordering from them is very straightforward, fast and discreet. All orders are trackable which offers great peace of mind if you’ve spent a lot of money. All in all it’s a 5 star service from a trusted breeder who I use often. If you’re unsure of which breeder to use for your next project I recommend you give Tastebudz a try. They have my own personal seal of approval and from one pot head to another, I promise you won’t be disappointed, in fact you’ll probably be a customer for life. Give them a try. You will be happy you did.
Isaiah Lee
Isaiah Lee
My #1 seed source can't beat the quilty for the price! Very discreet and shipping arrived early 😊Not to mention the freebies and coolest packages!!!! Outstanding work ladies!
irene blogg
irene blogg
I ordered my seeds thusday and have arrived today sunday with 3 extra seeds couldnt be more happy 100% recomened thanks tastebudz
Brad Purcell
Brad Purcell
I'm blown away by the size speed n quality of tbudz work keep up the great work
Neal Alexander
Neal Alexander
I live in Colorado United States. I ordered A week and a half ago, I received them today and I am so impressed. It's not even funny. Wonderful people to deal with, great customer service. Incredible products and friendly people.. hurry up spring!
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